Who we are

MND - Michel Nachef Decor is an interior architecture firm founded in 1996 after seven years of experience in the UAE.

MND has established its success through a strong reputation for excellence, dependability, and exceptional service. Its business portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of projects, including nurseries, residential developments, leisure facilities.

MND has an extensive client list, which includes international fashion houses, government departments, petrochemical companies, education authorities and international banks. You can rely on MND to complete work as requested, on time and to an agreed budget.

what we do

At our core, we believe in the power of design to transform spaces and create experiences. We approach every project with a dedication to lasting beauty, uncompromising quality, and thoughtful functionality. Our goal is to inspire and uplift, creating environments that spark imagination and elevate the spirit.

Each project focuses on balancing contemporary design, trends and traditions, technology, and sustainability.

Our mission

MND is dedicated to collaborating closely with the clients to achieve their unique objectives. Each project we undertake is driven by distinct business requirements, and we channel all our efforts toward fulfilling those requirements. Since 1996, our unwavering commitment has been to deliver enduring, functional designs that are completed on schedule and within the client’s budget.

We combine the talent and experience of professional designers to deliver a truly turnkey service, from original planning and design to supervision of construction. 

methodology & approach

1. Programming & Planning Phase

Programming is the information gathering phase and start of the preliminary conceptual planning and specification. The planning of a project is when we set the goals, objectives, and strategies: we define what must be done, the team that will work on it, how long it will take and how much it will cost. 

·        Assessment of client’s needs.

·        Establishment of goals and objectives.

·        Concept development.

·        Definition of functional needs: Adjacencies; Space requirements; Furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E).

·        Definition of business drivers: (commercial projects): Infrastructure; Growth; Expense to move to another location.

·        Assess project resources and limitations.

·        Identify life, safety, and code requirements.

·        Determine the need for, make recommendations, and coordinate with consultants and other specialists when required by professional practice or regulatory approval.

2. Conceptual Design

·        Discuss client’s function, vision, budget.

·        Preliminary layout solutions, construction methods and materials and recommended furniture.

·        Visual concepts, analysis, sketches, model, photographs.

3. Budget estimate & Schedule

·        Design concept reflected in the budget and schedule.

·        Project budget presented as a preliminary estimate according to phases. Construction cost, Furniture cost and Incidental expenses.

4. Design Development

After the Concept Design is approved, the next stage is to start work on the detail drawings, since at this point, most of the design and materials have been finalized. These drawings include construction /demolition and Measurement layout, Flooring layout, Electrical layouts, Ceiling plan and Elevations.  

5. Implementation Phase

After working drawings are complete, the final stage is to start work on implementing the design. During this phase, our designers also help the Client buy the furniture and accessories and other items needed for implementation.

6. Project Completion

After completing the site work, we prepare a list of any remaining small items needing attention. We also discuss the care and maintenance of all the new finishes, furnishings, and equipment.